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When I approach any creative endeavor I search for three things: story, story and story.

Yes I know thatÂ’s a variation on a bad joke about real estate, but for me it helps underscore how stories are the essence, the beginning and the end, the glue that binds together all of my creative activities. The human race has been telling stories since before there was writing, before there was even memory and while the form of the story has changed over time, the need for the story has not. It is how we make sense of the universe, how we synthesize the randomness of the world, and how we comfort ourselves with the fact that we are not alone, that other human beings have the same feelings and thoughts we do. Our brains are story machines, making sense and pattern of everything we perceive, even when there may be no sense or pattern, our brains insist on seeing this way anyway.

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The Golden Gate is Red

I wanted to share news of my latest project - THE GOLDEN GATE IS RED. It's a novel I wrote a few years back, set in the post dot.com crash in San Francisco and based on some of my experiences in the financial world. It came out July 17th, 2012 in e-book and paperback formats.

I find myself in the humble position of asking for your support. As you will see on Amazon, the book did make their "new and noteworthy" list so I hope you will order the book and spread the word to your friends and family. I do hope you'll enjoy it and I would welcome any and all feedback.

Here's the link where you can also see reviews by Diana Gabaldon (NY times best selling author of the "Outlander" series) and Randall Wallace (director and wrote the screenplay for "Braveheart").

For those of you who liked my film The Music Never Stopped, I trust this latest project won't disappoint. As we all know, word of mouth is the best marketing tool an author can employ so any amplification among your networks would be greatly appreciated.

As the publisher, Open Road Media, does with all of their authors, they've created a short documentary about the inspiration for the novel and the creative process behind it.